Dropship Order Fulfillment

Dropshipping and Fulfilment from India

We work with dropshippers that source products from India and sell them online Internationally.  We work 24 X 7 to ship your orders, using multiple shipping carriers, and ensure that your operation is smoothly operated.

How does Dropshipping work typically?


dropship websiteYou own and run a website through which you sell one or more products sourced  in India. Lets assume you buy clothes from an Indian Merchant in bulk and sell it in your website to your International customers in Europe,  USA, Australia, Germany, Japan, UAE, Singapore etc.

dropship order receivedA customer places an order with you. You will give us permission to see the order details for maybe just the product you are sourcing from India or for the whole website.

shipping India DropshippersOnce we can see that the order is placed in our India warehouse, we can ship the order to your customer through one of our partner shipping carrier. We can use eCommerce packets services for low value items or Express services to ship the order to your customer.

track dropshipped ordersWe will update your website with the tracking details so the customer can see the movement of package from India. You will be able to track the inventory and the order details through our WMS (that can be integrated with Shopify, WooCommerce, Amazon and more coming) or if you prefer in an Excel Spreadsheet or email.

dropship customer supportWe can also provide Customer Service support from our offices in India leaving you free to focus on marketing and sourcing the products.


To start dropshipping from India or to learn more about our services, please contact us at info@atozglobalservices.com.


We will not receive or ship anything that is prohibited or restricted in India or the destination country. Please visit the Country’s customs website to learn more on the various restrictions for dropshipped products.